Apulia apartment – important information

Before booking and occupying, we would like to inform you about some details of the accommodations

Rental period:
The rental period of the private accommodation is usually at least 7 days, with many properties arriving and departing during the week.

Most of the vacation rentals we offer are private holiday homes or apartments, which are therefore customarily furnished and decorated according to the personal taste of the respective owner. This means that the accommodations can vary greatly in style, equipment and decoration. The Kitchens have a refrigerator and hob and are appropriately equipped. Special equipment and kitchen appliances (such as a German coffee machine, microwave, kettle) are only available if this is explicitly stated in the property description. There is also not always an oven. beds : The beds in Italy are often very simple (metal frame with mattress) and not always as long (usually 1.80m-2.00m) and wide (single beds 70-80cm, double beds 1.40-1.60m) as one is used to it at home. The double beds are often two single beds put together. In the object list, the max. Number of people indicated. Please note that if you enter a “+” (e.g. 2 + 2 people), the + sign means that the sleeping places for the number of people stated behind are not in a separate bedroom and / or are often is a sofa bed. Bed linen and towels: are either included or can be rented on site for a fee (see respective detailed description) As a rule, the towels per person include 1 shower towel and 1 normal towel. Dish, beach and pool towels are not included. Baby cot is only available on arrival if this has been expressly confirmed in the reservation confirmation from Mediterraneo Case. The baby and children’s beds are usually travel cots that can be folded up. Important: Bed linen is not included in the baby cots and must be brought by the guests.

Heating / air conditioning / fireplace
Heating is only available where this is expressly described. If “heating” is specified for a holiday accommodation, this is often an air conditioning system (no radiators) that both warms and cools. Please note that air conditioning is usually not installed in all rooms and that not all of them can be operated at the same time due to the low power capacity. When using air conditioning, the electricity is often billed on site according to consumption or according to the specified flat rate. If central heating is available, gas consumption will also be billed on site according to consumption or according to the specified flat rate. Since gas costs are very high in Italy, you can expect € 10.00 to € 20.00 per day (€ 4.00 / cubic meter), unless a flat rate is specified in the property description. The heating period is specified by law: in most regions, heating is only allowed from November to the end of March for 6 to 10 hours (depending on the region). If a holiday accommodation has a fireplace, there is not automatically enough wood available upon arrival. If you would like to use the fireplace, please indicate this when making your reservation. With some objects it is only possible to remove a large amount of wood. The firewood is billed on site according to consumption or a flat rate. Furthermore, it should be noted that the fireplace usually does not heat the entire house / apartment, but only the respective room. In the case of thermal fireplaces, the individual rooms can only be heated if the fireplace is in operation. For holiday accommodation without heating / air conditioning, a small mobile gas or electric stove can be provided on request (billing on site according to the detailed description).

Many holiday accommodations have a hot water boiler with limited capacity, so that an unlimited shower is not possible, but heating phases in between are necessary. Not all holiday accommodations are connected to the public water network but have water cisterns. If the water is used up, the owner has to order new one. The water can usually be delivered within a few hours. In the main season there can be a lack of water in some places, then the community will turn off the water for a few hours.

Swimming pool
The times during which a pool is ready for operation are listed in the respective property description. These can vary due to weather conditions. The pools are usually not heated unless specifically stated. Private pools won’t always be completely clean, and they can contain insects and leaves. Please also note that in the case of holiday accommodation with a pool, the owner or manager may regularly enter the property to maintain and clean the pool.

Arrival and departure
Getting there should be with most Holiday accommodations between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Please inform us if you will arrive later. Even if the owner exceptionally agrees to a later arrival, any overnight costs will be charged to the guest. The accommodation must be left swept clean by 10:00 am so that everything can be cleaned and prepared for the following guests. The cleaning of the kitchen is not included in the final cleaning and is to be carried out by the guest. The rubbish must be disposed of before departure.

Many of the owners ask you to leave a deposit on arrival as security for any damage or service to be paid on site. This deposit will be paid back on departure (minus any incidental costs and / or damage settlement, if applicable). Since they are private owners, payment by credit card is not possible, only cash

You can only count on satellite or cable TV where this is listed in the property description. If the description only says TV, only local programs can be received. But even with satellite and cable TV, it is not guaranteed that your local channels can be seen.

Tourist tax / tourism tax
In many Italian places, especially in the seaside resorts, there is a local tourism tax. This is usually € 1.00 / 2.00 (depending on the holiday location) per person / night for the first 7 nights. The price depends on the resort and the season. Since this tax does not apply in all places and the amount of the tax is different, it is not explicitly listed for the individual accommodations.

Internet connectivity is being offered in more and more accommodations for your convenience. However, you will only find an internal connection where this is expressly listed in the house description. Please note that this is limited in most cases and can also fail or there may be no network available. In southern Italy, the cell phone and internet networks are not particularly well developed and are very vulnerable. Many areas are without reception. Therefore, neither we, as Mediterraneo Case, nor the owner can take responsibility if the internet provider prevents network reception.

Money and credit cards
The valid currency in Italy is the EURO. Money can be changed in the banks if necessary. Payment in a foreign currency is usually not possible.

Italian is the official language, but you will often hear a dialect. Each region has its own dialect. Please keep in mind that it will be difficult to find someone who speaks German or English. Most of the owners only speak Italian.

Mosquitoes, insects and small animals
In the southern countries, mosquitoes and insects are inevitable. Mosquitoes are to be expected especially in accommodations near the sea. Not all accommodations have mosquito repellants / bars. We therefore recommend that you take mosquito repellent with you. Please also note that there are many lizards and sometimes snakes in southern Italy.

opening hours
The exact opening times of the individual shops and banks vary depending on the location. As a rule, all shops and supermarkets are open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. In small towns, the post office is usually only open in the mornings. In the summer months, the shops are often open on Sundays.

Construction & Public Works
Construction work and public works are unfortunately also possible in the places in which we broker holiday accommodations. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this and can therefore not avoid it. If we are aware of anything in this regard, we will of course inform you about it immediately. In the event of severe impairment, we will endeavor to find a solution or alternative accommodation. Compensation for damages is not possible due to construction activities and the associated noise pollution.

Low and high season
Please note that in the off-season it can happen that tourist attractions, restaurants and shops are closed. This time is also often used for construction work in the holiday resorts. The beaches are usually not cleaned from October to May. In the main season, however, you can expect a lot of holidaymakers, as the Italians also spend their holidays in July and August. This is also the time of concerts, street parties and performances. Quiet location / July and August : Please only expect a quiet location (the statement only refers to normal conditions without noisy neighbors or traffic diversions), where this is expressly described. Please note that this does not automatically count for the months of July and August, because these two months are the main travel months for Italian guests and increased background noise, e.g. due to entertainment in hotels / holiday villages, discos, bars, can be expected (even in small places). Especially in the week around August 15th. (Public holiday in Italy) there are many holidaymakers on the go, the towns and beaches are lively, many events, especially in the evening, take place. You should definitely take this into account when planning your vacation.

To phone
Prepaid phone cards for landlines and cell phones are available in telephone shops, tobacco shops and in some cases also in supermarkets. Not all areas are covered by cellphone networks. Reception is often lacking, especially with somewhat remote accommodations in the mountains or by the sea.

The Italian electricity network has 220 V, 50 hz. Adapters for German plugs are necessary because the Italian sockets often have 3 narrow holes. Please note that the electricity capacity of the individual houses is much lower than in Germany. It can happen that the power switch pops out if more than two devices such as a hot water boiler, oven, washing machine, air conditioning system are running at the same time. There are usually two switches, one in the house and a second switch outside. Even during thunderstorms or rain, the power goes out quickly, and in some cases the power in the entire town can also fail over a longer period of time. For some accommodations, electricity consumption is not included in the price and has to be paid on site. Bear in mind that the size of the house, air conditioning, pool and a large, illuminated outdoor area have a major impact on consumption.