Grotte di Castellana

Enchanting stalactite caves in Apulia

Grotte di CastellanaThe Castellana Grottoes are among the most important stalactite caves in Europe. An underground fairytale world awaits you at a depth of approx. 70 m, with numerous stalagmites, stalactites, fossils, gorges and caves that were created over millions of years.

On a hike through the caves you can marvel at this wonder that nature created over millions of years. Millions of visitors have already visited these beautiful grottos. Even today, a lot is still growing due to the constant temperature of around 16 degrees in the caves.

It was not until 1938 that the caves were discovered by two Italian explorers who discovered one cave after the other. At the very end of the corridor you came to a cave that is now one of the most beautiful in Europe – La Grotta Bianca / the white grotto.

Two tours are currently possible, one is 3 km long, the other is shorter and about 1 km long.

The caves are open from April to October at certain opening times, more information can be found at Grotte di Castellana