Festival city in the beautiful Itria Valley

Martina Franca belongs to the Italian province of Taranto and is located in the „heel“ of the Italian boot, between the Ionian and the Adriatic Sea. The hillside location offers a beautiful view over the wonderful landscape with its ancient olive trees, fruit trees and vines. The place is famous for its wine production. There is a very fresh and mild climate here. In spring, you will see bright, blooming poppy fields.

Martina Franca has a very beautiful Baroque old town with many small winding streets. These invite you to look, stroll and linger. You will find many interesting shops, bars and hospitable restaurants with a very good Mediterranean cuisine. In Piazza Piebiscito you can visit the Cathedral of San Marino, considered a masterpiece of this architecture. The Cathedral of San Marino dates back to the 12th century and resembles the Tower of Pisa. In the Palazzo dell` Università is the clock tower. The lush, baroque but also elegant architectural style can be found in palaces, churches and residential buildings. In the old town are more than 20 baroque aristocratic palaces. Martina Franca is historically but also visually a very appealing, friendly and worth seeing white city.

Every year, from the beginning of July to the beginning of August, there is the Festival della Valle d ‚Itria. This festival is one of the most important and beautiful cultural events in the Puglia region. For music and opera lovers offers a wide-ranging, exclusive and impressive program. Dreamlike operas, wonderful symphony concerts and unique music theater await you. Works by well-known names such as Mozart, Verdi, Wagner, Handel, Bellini and many more adorn this cultural highlight. The performances take place at the Palazzo Ducale, a palace that used to be a seat of power, or in churches such as the Palazzo Ducale. the Basilica San Marino or the Monastery of St. Dominic. An unforgettable experience in a dreamlike, baroque and created setting with a fantastic atmosphere. Puglia always special.