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Domus Badessa

Cisternio / Ostuni
Trullo holiday house with pool for up to 8 people located between Cisternino and Ostuni.
Price: € 950,00 – € 2299,00

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Trullo Allegria

Location: Ostuni

Restored trullo with pool for 12 people quiet and idyllic location

Price: € 1299,00 – € 4799,00

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Villa Sifiria

Villa Sifiria

Place: Carpignano Salentino

Delightful holiday home with pool in the heart of Salento for up to 5 people

Price: € 550,00 – € 2050,00

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Villa Ina

Location: Santa Caterina Nardo

Charming villa with pool near the sea for up to 6 people
Price: € 1750,00 – € 3850,00 per week

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La Casa delle Sirene

Ort: Gallipoli

Tolle Ferienwohnung direkt am Meer im historischen Gallipoli, nur wenige Meter zum Sandstrand. Für 4 Personen.

Preis; € 600,00-€ 1600,00

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Trullo del Sindaco

Ort: Cisternino

Gemütlicher Trullo in ruhiger und sonniger Lage im Itria Tal für 5 Personen

Preis € 850,00-1500,00/Woche

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Meet with us the beautiful region of Puglia – one of the most fascinating regions of Southern Italy! Apulia combines culture, nature, gastronomy: offers many places of interest, nature reserves and gastronomic specialties. Find inspiration for your next vacation from our exquisite vacation rentals offer. We have holiday homes and villas with pool, apartments on the beach or in a historic village and of course the typical round farmhouses with a conical roof, called Trulli, in our program. We are sure, you will find the right vacation property for you next holiday in the fascinating region of Puglia.

As an experienced and knowledgeable agent can assist you with a comprehensive and technically competent advice.

All holiday homes in Puglia

Puglia (in English called Apulia), is the heel of Italy in the south east, a land of extraordinary colours and wonderful variety. The towns of Puglia are rich of architectural and historical evidence – Romanesque, Baroque, churches, cathedrals, castles and towers. The regional capital is Bari, the other provinces are Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce and Taranto. Lecce is also known as “the Florence of the South“.

Magnificent Palazzi and fountains in the urban centres as well as historic oil mills and farmsteads on the country put out the rich cultural successor of this region. The hidden charm of the coastal towns can be discovered in the midst of the alleys and Palazzi which form only the background to one of the most beautiful coasts in whole Italy with a high water quality. Many beautiful places along the coast and magic beaches offer an unforgettable holiday in Puglia.

A beautiful region of Apulia, the “Valle d’Itria”, located between the provinces of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto covers three municipalities (Cisternino, Martina Franca and Locorotondo). The term “valley“ is something umpassend because it is not the typical shape of a mountain valley, but a reduction in the karst landscape. The most part of our holiday houses with pool are located in this zone.

A little further south the region is called “the Salento“, the heel of Italy. At the southernmost point, in Santa Maria di Leuca unite the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea. The architecture of Salento is different from the rest of Puglia. The houses are often built in the Greek fashion but the historic city centers are built mainly in the baroque style. In Salento there are many historic towns and place as the port city Gallipoli, Otranto and Lecce – the Florence of the South. The coast, however impressed with the high cliffs and beautiful coves. A marvelous environment in which you can spend your relaxing vacation.

Trullo in Puglia
The famous “Trulli”, round stone houses, part of the world cultural heritage of mankind, stand in big number in Alberobello and about the whole Valle d`Itria scattered, clear certificates of the traditional dry stone construction. The inhabitants of Apulia knew to build from a simple “stone“ characteristic structures such as Trullo and Masseria. The famous “Trulli“, made ​​of dry stone farmhouses round with conical roofs are part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage. They are unique in the world and have the name from the Latin “Turris“ or the Greek “tholos“, the terms of the dome and the cylinder described by classical cone. Originally, there were simple huts, made ​​of a few elements: the walls, the entrance arch and the roof. Characteristic of the stones, “chiancarelle“ called, which were used for the floor and the roof. It is believed that the trulli were built in order to avoid payment of building taxes. Because of the tax collector of the king, their should act like a simple pile of stones. In large numbers the Trulli are scattered throughout the Valle d’Itria, and can be seen especially in the town of Alberobello. In recent years, many of these Trulli are restored and offered as holiday homes. Also we offer a variety of Trullo as an exceptional home for your holidays. Take a look and rent your “own“ Trullo.

Also very popular is the Masseria, a building which consists basically of an autonomous citadel, with partial underground caves, a stately home decorated with terraces, stairways and monumental frescoes and a chapel. The Masseria was a geo-economic operation of the aristocracy and bourgeoisie, the farms were thus occupied large estates, which included next to the mansion but also the accommodation of the simple farmers and stables.

The region enjoys a warm climate all year and is one of the least rainy regions. The image is dominated by low hills with numerous vineyards, olive groves and small forests. In early summer, you can see brightpoppy fields and golden wheat fields. More than twenty nature reserves protect thisextremely diverse and unusual nature. The coastline alternates between sand dunes,sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. Perfect setting for a memorable holiday in Apulia.
The regional cuisine is excellent and world famous olive oils from the magnificent olive groves of Puglia produces and centuries-old, give the local dishes their characteristic flavor. Manufactured especially the appetizers “antipasti“, made ​​with fresh ingredients and site-specific, are recommended. The area around Ostuni is also well known for his “Fornelli,“ there is the meat directly from the butcher and grilled with small side dishes and local wine served.

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